5 common e-commerce design mistakes that could be killing your sales

In this modern age every business has an eCommerce website. Having a business website that showcases your brand beautifully will definitely add value to your business. However, it is also important to see that your website delivers good results over time. If you too have put your money on an eCommerce site that is not bringing good success rates so far. Then, you might have made some serious design mistake while creating it. Often eCommerce design mistakes are the most common reason for killing sales.

e-commerce design mistakes

Today we have discussed 5 eCommerce design mistakes that online businesses commonly make.

  1. Not giving clear value proposition

An important aspect that determines whether your customers will continue checking your site or click away is your value proposition. Value proposition defines the attractiveness of your product towards your potential buyers. It indicates the unique features of your product and brand which makes you stand out from competitors. This means your value proposition convince buyers why they should purchase your product.

But unfortunately there are many eCommerce websites that have bad value propositions. Many of them are not even properly able to communicate the distinctive aspects of using their product. As a result, buyers are not able to decide whether to make a purchase or not. Some important attributes of a clear and convincing value proposition include:

  • Use clear and easy to understand the headline along with subheadings;
  • Appealing content that explains why your product or service is worth acquiring;
  • Attractive pictures that describe how to use your product;
  • Additional benefits like free shipping, special discounts, etc.
  1. Misguided description of product

Product descriptions are probably the most important thing on eCommerce websites. As it helps customers in understanding everything about the product and why they should use it. Product descriptions vary according to the different nature of the products.
For instance, some product are described according to their appearance like bookshelf’s and decorative items. While there are also products like television, which are bought based on their specifications. Hence, you must write a product description based on how your customers choose it.

  1. Absence of using quality images

If your business sell products that buyers choose on the basis of appearance. It is incredibly important to upload quality pictures. The best thing is to upload the pictures of your product in the hands of your customers.
This is especially good for advertisements of fashion items like shoes, clothing, and jewellery. The decorative accessories and items used in the interior of a house can be also described by using images.

  1. Absence of visual hierarchy

Using proper visual hierarchy makes it simple for your users to navigate through your website. When you use clear visual hierarchy the action button becomes easily recognizable because of their design. For instance the text which is accent coloured is easily clickable and base text is not clickable.

According to Fitt’s law customers pay much attention to bigger items. And, it makes larger items more clickable. Thus, make sure that the most important items on your eCommerce site should be larger. It will make them stand out from your remaining web pages.

  1. Lack of trustworthiness in your website look

Brand recognition plays a huge role in attracting customers and competing with big brands. Businesses with a recognizable brand reputation don’t need to prove their trustworthiness to the customers. However, it is not sufficient to win your clients confidence and trust in your products. For this you will need to adopt an approach based on customers. You must include some important elements like client’s feedback, updated designs, Notable press and interesting facts and information about your company. Always consider installing an SSL cert for your eCommerce website, find out why you require an SSL certificate for your website. Customers feel more comfortable to use their credit card details on the safe web environment.

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