5 essential elements of SEO

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Nowadays, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is indeed a fascinating skill that every webmaster must understand. It creates highly beneficial potential for every online business and so it is more important than ever. Although SEO is invisible, unquantifiable, intangible, but it’s constantly fluctuating and moving around. Read more, significance of SEO for your website.

Google has changed the rules related to SEO with the release of various primary upgrades in its algorithm. As a result, sites that are using poor tactics are penalised and some online businesses suddenly find themselves falling off the list. Due to these crucial and major changes in the online industry, SEO has become more important for every online business.

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In simple words, SEO is a protocol that every website or blog owner must follow adopt for their site optimisation. Optimising their websites for search engines will enhance their search engine rankings. Additionally, it’s a major tool for improving the quality of your site and making them more responsive to your users. Thus, the traffic on your website will be able to navigate your site easily and quickly.

The effect of shift in Google algorithm

Almost everyone indulges in online activities is aware that numerous changes are done in Google algorithm every year. And, every time Google changes its algorithms they have either subtle or major effects on the businesses operating online. The SEO industry clearly feels it. As a result, it is crucial to search engine optimised your website. This will ensure that it stays up to date in accordance with the Google’s ranking criteria.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO ensures to apply and install the important features of the web pages. This basically done on the back end where most content creators who are gentle-manner doesn’t choose to do business. Applying micro is formatting, enhancing the loading speed of pages, validating the W3C marketing, etc. Are some changes in technical SEO.

Google search engines basically ascertain the effectiveness of a website by seeing its technical view. Therefore, improving your website SEO is an important aspect. However, after you apply those technical changes to your site, it won’t keep awarding your website points with Google.

Content creation

Content is the most important aspect of SEO. You must keep your website content at the centre of your SEO strategy. It could be any form of content like videos, articles, infographics, images or maybe a combination of these. Make sure to keep your content good quality, consistent and most importantly authentic. It must be more relevant and helpful to your customers so you can be easily found on Google.

Tactical SEO

When you optimise your site on the basis of page-by-page to make sure that they rank better in popular search engines. This is what is known as Tactical SEO. In short, it involves the insertion of effective keywords into an on-page content all over a website. Although it may sound too easy to do, but remember every industry, company and individual use different keyword that fit best for business.

If you use wrong or inappropriate keyword, it will attract the wrong type of audience. While using a broad keyword will get your tire-kickers. However, if your keyword is too particular, you may be decreasing the pool of your interested audience. If it’s too specific and restricted, you may be cutting out part of your audience. Basically, you must ensure to use the most relevant keywords on a continual basis.  

Social Media

An effective natural way to attract huge audience to your website is to link it with your social media accounts. Usually, it comes from posting great content and staying engaged with your visitors. If your audience like your content, they’ll most likely share it, comment about it, and leave feedback. These activities will help you to gain the attention of more traffic and improve your web presence.


Reporting is the effective art of SEO. With the help of custom reporting, SEO managers can ascertain whether a strategy is working or not. As the client’s goals differ according to their business needs, SEO strategies must be tailored accordingly. Remember, it is not about getting number position on the Google, it’s about determining the main performance indicators of your customers. That way you can work hard to meet your clients’ expectations.

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