9 General Mistakes made by Beginner Programmers!

Generally, if you will try to point out the bug in someone’s coding structure or style, then they might growl back on you and try to explain that their coding is perfect. Actually, frustration is very common in almost all the beginner coders behavior because working on the complicated scripts and coding methods after an hour and hours, can make them frustrated easily. However, the fact is that this frustration can create the obstacles to their work.

 There are numerous considerations comes into the effect when we check the coding performance of an individual. Programming language is not an issue, you can code in any language like DotNet, PHP, C#, Java or Ruby. Mistakes are very common all over the board. By the help of this post, I am going to explain 9 general mistakes made by almost all the developers in the early stage of their programming profession:


 Lack of the confidence

 A beginner programmers always loose the confidence at the start of the career which is natural for anyone but some developers take it really seriously that is not good as a future reference. We all know that practice makes people perfect. Same applies to the programming logics, as much as daily hard work will be involved, the coder will feel more confident.

The only key to success is never give up. Keep the good work continue and one day, you will start feeling confident and use of what you are trying to achieve.

 Forget to take the backup

 Forgetting about taking the backup of coding, is one of the biggest mistake made by the beginner programmers and the most frustrating moment for any coder. Losing a work done after hours and hours, is a real bummer for anyone and remember, client is not going to hear this excuse because they are more concerned about the results, more than anything else.

Do not rely just on the computer back up. The computer can be crashed, broken or stolen. An automatic server backup facility should be used or if you can’t afford that then try some free backup services like Dropbox.

 Illegitimate formatting of code

 Most of the programs execute fine, even the coder made a small mistake like unwanted space and addition of useless new lines. However, formatting of code is important and can make troubles when it comes to scalability with the security. Unformatted code can cause to so many vulnerabilities that can be dangerous for the end results.

 No comments while coding

 Code commenting is the best practice which can be very helpful for you as well as the other developers. Do not write the code for yourself, make sure that someone else can understand it too. Most of beginner developers do not comment the variables, class names and the functions in a correct way. They spend whole time in finding the logics, rather than making the proper documentation.

 Debugging and redevelopment can happen and if the code was never commented properly then you can’t understand your own code once the couple of years passed away. Documentation is very important and should be archived by the owner of the web project too.

 Forgetting SEO friendly setup

 Most of beginner developers still believe that Search engine optimisation is all about the job for the online marketers and the content writers, however, it is not completely true. SEO is the process that must be embraced from the start of the development. SEO tags and tricks should be applied throughout the development.

 SEO is not limited to making good backlinks and writing fresh content. From adding proper tags and writing CSS, J Query and JS according to the SEO standards is developer’s execution. W3C validated coding style and image size optimisation is the part of programmer’s job as well. Check out “basics of search engine friendly design and development” for more details.

 Consideration of page loading

 If your internet is fast enough, then your coded website might run faster on your computer, but the results for the other users can be differentiated. If your website is not logically optimised for faster loading and the caching process, then, website users can be frustrated. Online users do not like to wait for the load of your website unless they do not have another quick alternative option.

 Most of the beginner programmers always ignore this. They ignore to learn, how to optimise the website bandwidth usage and setbacks. Server side HTTP compressions and mobile optimisation are important, however, minify of JS, CSS files and image optimisation cannot be ignored. Check out New Google “Mobile Friendly” Algorithm To Reward Sites Beginning April 21.

 Dis-follow web standard

 Coding from the scratch is easy to learn and execute. However, in this process, the developer has to write the functions for each and every bit. Using a web standard means making your life easy. Web standards have thousands of inbuilt functions that can be called using a line of piece of code. Also, web standards are made by keeping the safety in mind. Working with web standards leads you to write the bug free code without making many errors. Some of the popular web standards are Codeigniter and Ruby on Rails.

 Testing on Major web browsers and mobile devices

 Sometimes beginner developers are stubborn and they do not want to test the website on different browsers which is the mistake. If the website is not running perfectly on all the famous browsers and mobile devices, then nobody is going to accept your code. Some of the major browsers are Mozilla, Chrome, IE, Safari and Opera. Mobile devices include, IPHONE, IPAD and other mobile devices.

 Over confidence – The Ruthless Devil

 My last point is just opposite to the first one. Do not overrate yourself which most of beginner developers do. Once they develop a couple of projects successfully, they feel like the top of the world, which is not a very good sign to be a skilled and the professional programmer.

 There is too much to learn in this world and unfortunately our life is too short for that. As a human being, we are not perfect, however, learning from the mistake is a good practice.

Always try to reduce the margin of errors in the web design and development work and become a successful programmer.

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