Always Use Your Business Email Accounts!

The majority of people prefers to use the free email addresses from the services like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail. However, if you own your online business and a website then you should use the business email addresses to make the unique impression on your customers. If you already got the website and not using the website, email addresses yet, then contact your website hosting service provider and they should be able to set it up for you for free, it will actually depend on your hosting plan.

For example: If you own the domain name:, you can simply set up the business email addresses like and similarly for your whole team members vice a versa.

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Advantages and disadvantages of using the business email accounts:


–      Business email accounts look professional, confidential and trustworthy.

–      Easy to remember and guess by anyone.

–      Easy to make multiple email accounts for different sections of the website for example:,, and

–      Easy to put the forwarders to other email addresses in case you want to keep the copies of the emails to another account for backup purpose.

–      Easy to send the mass emailing to the whole staff containing the confidential information.

–      Completely private, other email providers always mention that our information will be confidential, but legally your information is on their servers, not on yours.



How about if I am moving from one place to another?

We always move from one place to another and sometimes countries and if we are using the email addresses from our current internet providers, then it can be hassle because we can’t take our account and data with us. Suppose you are using the telecom and your email address is like and you have decided to move to aussies so you can move your email address to there even you use the same company. However, you own the domain name and have an email accounts with your hosting provider, you can take anywhere in the world. They will work for you straight away.

Using non domain email address for ages, what to do with that?

Easy answer: you can have both 🙂
And forward your old email address to the new one and check that daily.

But if the old email address is going to be suspended then download all the email data and import it into your new email address. It sounds horrible to how doing that? But actually it is not as far as you are computer illiterate.

One the other hand, you can hire any web design company in your local and get an hourly help to do that.


Do not get afraid of using the business email addresses. There are several email software’s comes up with the operating systems like outlook and thunderbird. It is very easy to configure the email addresses, however, there are many online tutorials that you can go for, here are some useful links:

How to setup emails in outlook 2013?
How to setup emails in Thunderbird?

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