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Having a basic computers awareness is essential in all the corporate fields nowadays, but there are only few people who like to learn and know more technical stuff even its not part of their profession. Learning a programming code empowers you to deal with several technical procedures. I am not talking about to become the masters of coding, but having a basic knowledge could tends you to change your mind and you could be the best programmer one day and handles all of the website development yourself.

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On the other hand, if you are looking for exciting career opportunities or would love to start learning code as a new hobby or keen to learn new technologies, you can go ahead and start learning the web development. There are several benefits to learn coding, however, I am going to explain a few of the major ones. If you find them useful then feel free to leave me a comment and I would be happy to hear more.

Build Your Own Website: Having a personal website is getting very useful and handy to keep the information up and make it confidential. You can do the same stuff with third party social network websites like Facebook, but it’s always good to have our own to keep the information secure and private. We actually have no idea what will be the future of websites in next 10 years, but at this stage, IT is booming with their social services.

By any chance, if you own the business, then there is the priority to keep the website up, it’s essential to keep the website Live 24/7 to meet the customers’ requirements and communications.

Learning about basic HTML and CSS is not a big deal if you really want to get into it. I am going to list out some free links of tutorials if you will be interested.

FREE HTML5 Tutorial
FREE CSS Tutorial

Become a professional Coder: Well, if you are looking for a career change, then programming field is at its best. After the huge popularity of Facebook, Twitter and Google plus, the whole world are looking to hire a programmers around the world. Demand by hiring a programmer is getting twice compare to last 10 years. Due to high demand and less number of programmers, the salary structure is really great. So if the coding is one of your hobby, don’t make it worse. You should be able to make your career with this.

There are several job search engines and opportunities where you can grab the information and apply for the best. It’s all depend on what sort of knowledge you have and the programming language you choose.

Initiate a New Software Business: There are several master mind people in the world who have many successful ideas in mind but don’t know how to implement them. By learning code, you should be the ability to build them and sell them at some stage.

Using coding, you can make apps, eCommerce software’s and sell programming services professionally.

For example: Facebook just bought a WhatsApp in 19 billion dollars.

Redeem your technical ideas into apps and software and make huge money out of them.

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