Do I need a Facebook page to promote my business ?

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A1dezine Facebook Page
We have been contacted by a number of clients asking for the importance of social media integration into their start up business websites mainly setting up a Facebook page for the business.

Well, Facebook now has more than 1.19 billion active users, it’s worth estimated at 73.44% of the total number of Facebook users. We can simply understand what can be achieved from this giant social media marketplace. People are not here only to get socialized, big number of audience are using it as a trading portal or classifieds marketplace, So You should be part of them and take advantage of it as much as possible. Invite your friends to help you to promote your business online that’s a perfect peer to peer communication process.

A Facebook page can be setup easily even you don’t have a Facebook account, it’s really easy to setup with the couple of step by step information submitted regarding your business. However you might need an artistic hand to look it really professional, You might need to look for creative web design company who already had an experience for creating Facebook business pages.

Unlike Facebook page, there is an option to setup Facebook groups as well, you can simply setup different category of Facebook groups for different peoples and promote them. Using Facebook group, you can start a private communication with selected number of interested audience.

Facebook provides a tiny LIKE button on your page where people can LIKE your page and get in contact with your business for future use because once they liked your page then they automatically will be subscribed for the Facebook news feed every time you make an update or post anything via your Facebook page.

If you are keen to setup Facebook for your business then Simply click on Create a Page for a celebrity, band, entertainment or business. Just go through a simple step by step process and within a couple of minutes you will be able to invite your friends and start sharing your business information with them.

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