5 Steps to Building an Effective Website for Your Business

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When it comes to having an effective website for your business, there are a lot of factors that comes into play. However, it is wise to keep your focus on developing an impressive website to attract a wide audience on your site. It is particularly effective for those online businesses who want to attract new users.

After all, the first impression of a user can determine whether your website is effective or not. Your clients’ and users views about your site will give a favourable or unfavourable view about your services or brand.


To help you improve your own website design, Business News Daily consulted experts on how to make the absolute best first impression possible on your visitors.

  1. Draw attention of your users immediately

According to Jessica Humphrey, a visual designer and marketing consultant of Monarch Visual, businesses must focus on engaging users immediately. A simple solution is to develop an attractive site is creating an engaging visual and textual content. You must think about what your message content should convey and how you can make that impactful. So, your message can be easily understood without going out of your brand guidelines. She also said that, finding a balance in your content is an important key to being outstanding in your industry. If your content is not impressive but you have a great brand, then it won’t be successful. Similarly, if you create and post engaging content but weak brand, then it won’t be good either.

  1. Make it easy to access your contact details

According to David Brown, CEO, chairman and president of Web.com, an effective business website must generate more calls and sales leads, but if your potential customers can’t access your services it won’t be possible. Brown said that, you must display your contact details at the top of the home page. This way your users can easily access your phone number or address if they want to buy your services.

Having your contact information accessible through the main navigation is the most effective strategy, said Dan Veltri, co-founder and chief product officer at Weebly. Weebly is a website developer and hosting service. In addition, it is best to put your social links in your website’s header and footer. As it will work best to attract the attention of your visitors and maintain contact with them.

  1. Enjoy the benefits of SEO

It is the true matter of fact that an image may be worth a lot of meaningful words, particularly when you use them on a website. But make sure to use SEO-friendly pictures which reflect your services or brand. This will make it easy for your customers to find out your services easily on search engines.

Brow explained, that SEO is another important element to have an effective website design. The search engines will first scrutinize your site from left to right and top to bottom. If the search engines are not able to pick up the pictures, it won’t be good. Thus, you must ensure to use relevant keywords that will make your website appear at the top on search results. You must not only focus on adding more relevant keywords, but they must also describe your business efficiently.

  1. Optimise your website for smartphones

Since consumers nowadays are increasingly using smartphones and tablets to browse the internet. Making your website mobile optimised will make sure that your website is smoothly shifting from desktop to smartphone devices. According to Brown, consumers mostly demand a smooth experience while browsing web on a smartphone or tablet. Brown further added that websites optimised for mobiles are the major element to satisfy the demand of visitors.

  1. Be wise and hire a professional web developer

If you don’t use the services of a web designer to use good designs on your site, it will cost you more money in the long run. Humphrey said that using good designs require good skills. Thus, it is smart to hire a professional web design company like A1dezine that will explain you their interpretation so you undusted which design will work best for your site.

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