Free website may hurt your business more than help!

November 4, 2013 by Ranjeet Singh | Comments: one response | Categories : Customer Service | Tags :

There are hundred’s of free website services who provide you to use website builders for free of cost, even you don’t have to pay for the website hosting either, however it can be appealing to skip the cost of the well designed or personalized website that suits your brand identity. In other words, It can hurt your business indirectly. You always have to keep in mind that “First impression is your last impression” and it is true in most of the cases because customer shall not get back to your website again once they have got disappointed with the broken, uncompleted or ugly layouts with full of unwanted coding errors.
Well, we can realize that it’s really hard to start up business to invest money on the website or other marketing media but in most of cases hiring an affordable website design company in New Zealand might cost much more than free website because getting a bad looking or uncompleted website might cost your business much more than you get a basic website from the web professionals.

For example : There are 2 similar start-up automotive business owners, Jack and Jill (practice characters).
Jack has decided to go with the free website builder with no technical experience, well that was specified in the manual of free website builder, However Jill decided to go to the start-up basic website done by affordable web design company.
Now, Jack got a free website with broken layout and when he tried to contact the cheap website designers from overseas to fix issues then they messed up his website in more complicated way. The website is ugly and hard to navigate and takes long time to load because most of the images on the website are over sized, the website was never even indexed by Google for better search engine results. In the other words, Jack’s online presence got worse than having a small website.
However Jill has got a nice and clean website design with an excellent navigation and nicely re sized images relevant to his business, Jill got his expenses back in 6 months and now looking forward to get huge success via great online presence.

The conclusion to this story : Free website can actually cost you more money by sending your customers to your competitors !

However, Facebook page is also a good option to start your business page with them and once your things get rolling then you can save some money for your own website. You can find about how important for your business to set up Facebook page even if you already having a website.

If you are considering that you can get much more sales from your marketing like radio, newspaper compare to having a website then you are wrong again, Your business website will be your permanent asset for your business and other marketing techniques are temporary. Never forget that setting up a start up new website will not cost you more that your monthly marketing budget. Just think about it and share your valuable ideas with us.

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