My website is live now, what’s next?

Getting a website live is like a dream come true, however most of people don’t know what should we do next to the running website specially when the website is eCommerce shop. E Commerce website is 24/7 online shop that never gets off. People can do online and make the orders anytime, however, order delivery should be done someone manually, which can be taken care of anyways. Get back to the topic: website is live now, I have invited all of my family members and friends to come up online and check out the landing page and browse all the desired features. Also, I could ask them to subscribe to the website so that I can send them daily alerts for the items become special. I have sent the newsletter, there was a big traffic on my website fro a couple of days and it decreases after some time and its getting hard to see someone browsing the website and apparently no sales.

eCommerce web design

I am going to list out a few points below which might help you to increase the sale for your eCommerce web design, these points have been collected by thousand of survey results anyways:

  • Search engine optimization is the core key to increase the maximum traffic on your website. People love to click on the organic Google rankings or listings. If your website is showing the top 5 rankings, then be ready to grab so many orders per day, however, make sure that your website is designed with latest technologies. There several web design firms who help you with this.
  • Social media sharing and integration: Another promotion giant you can say. Almost, everybody is on social media websites nowadays, for example: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google plus. If your website is fully connected with your business social profiles, then you can get a huge traffic out of your social world.
  • PPC or Pay per click: This is another shortcut method to get seen in front of your customers, however, this is not a long term investment. You have to pay Google, yahoo or bing to show your listing on the top of rankings and they will help you to increase your website traffic.

If you do all of the beyond, you shall get traffic to your website! Now you have the traffic, how could you increase the prospect of them purchasing your products? What should the website do to create every visitor productively buy from your shop only?

First of all, your website must look good on the customer’s eye, also should be appealing to sell the products. I am going to explain some methods in brief. Try them, they will really help you:

  • Track the first time buyers using your website functions and offer them a discount voucher on their first time shopping on your website. Don’t forget to mention the terms and conditions though.
  • Try to run the monthly, weekly or even daily deals on the website and send the newsletter to all the website subscribers. It will attract your customers to visit your website on a daily basis.
  • Offer your customers LIVE CHAT. You can have this installed so the customer can click and ask a query and talk straight to you, or you can set-up a practical chat windowpane that appears after a convinced time.
  • Speed up your website loading speed if it’s not. Customers are not going to wait too long to load, your website, they can move to somewhere else. Avoid using FLASH which is also called customer killer.
  • Add a promotional video on the landing page to explain them how useful your products are an how can easily people buy them. People like to see the visual promotions.

They are just a few suggestions if you would like to know much more than this then get in touch with us. Follow us on our Facebook page.


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