Frequently Asked Questions about Scrap Cars


After a vehicle gets wrecked in a road accident getting it fixed at a vehicle repair centre is probably the best option. However, if you find that it’s cost of repairs are much higher than its real worth, your insurer will declare it as completely written off.

In this event, you will find several questions popping up in your mind. After all, you will want to find out the best place to sell your scrap car nearby.

Here we’ve mentioned some frequently asked questions about scrap vehicles:

What exactly is a salvage-title vehicle?

When an automobile is given a rebuildable or salvage title by an insurance company, it is known as a salvage vehicle. Usually insurance companies decided to take such vehicles as they are not in a repairable condition. So, when you find that it is not worth repairing your smashed vehicle because the costs exceeds its actual value. It can be considered as a complete loss or totalled. When getting a claim for a stolen or recovered automobile from the insurance company, you can also transfer its ownership. And the insurance agency will recover the loss on its own, if it a salvage automobile.

Is it possible to drive a vehicle with salvage title?

The vehicles with a salvage title can be driven on the public streets only after getting it inspected by the state authority. It must be inspected in the state where it have been previously repaired by professional or declared as totalled. When the inspection is done properly, the vehicle’s title gets converted into a “rebuilt title” or “Title with a salvage history”. After you get this title, you can drive your totalled vehicle on public roads. Its manufacture will still void the warranties though.

Is it safe to purchase a rebuilt vehicle?

When compared to the automobiles with clear title, the vehicles having a rebuilt title is not more worthy. This happens due to lack of warranty and bad auto damage history. So, if anyone is looking for a good working car at an affordable price, it is a great option to buy a rebuilt automobile. It can be repaired and get inspected by a professional mechanic to make sure that it is safe to drive.

Is it possible to get rid of a rebuilt vehicle?

Yes, you can definitely sell a vehicle that is rebuilt or salvage. Because it will still work good after getting it repaired. Basically, it is much easier to sell a salvage automobile than a rebuilt one. However, you can expect to get less money for it in contrast to an automobile with poor damage history.

What is a junk vehicle?

Generally, there is no specific definition of scrap automobile in contrast to one with salvage title. Because the definition of junk wheels are likely to change according to the make, year and model. A scrap auto is completely worthless in terms of its components. It is mostly assessed in the terms of certain key factors like the number of salvageable parts and weight of metal.

Thus, automobiles that are heavy-weight have a large number of recyclable metals. These types of automobiles have several types of title such as clean or salvage title, Certificate of Destruction or without a title. 

Is it possible to salvage a junk car?

You can definitely consider selling your junk automobile as salvage. Because it will still have some value in terms of useful components and recyclable metal. Whether it is a recovered from a theft, you won’t be able to sell through normal methods. Because most people are not prepared to spend money on a vehicle that need repairs. However, there some reliable people like auto wreckers that can be willing to buy it for a generous cash.

Is it possible to sell a junk car for cash?

Yes, you can sell a junk car for cash. However, you won’t be able to get a good amount of cash for it. Even if you consider to sell your junk automobile without a title, you can contact a scrap yards nearby.



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