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If you are looking for an auto wrecking company that offers the same high level of quality in services as Taha Car Collection in Auckland, you will have a hard task ahead of you. The top shelf services we provide is probably why we have been smashing all the competition. And the result is yet another year of huge success for us. Which makes our duty to buy all the old junk cars in Auckland that much easier and rewarding as well!

We have been able to keep our used parts inventory completely stocked, thanks to our dedication to buying every car, SUV, truck, 4×4 and van that comes our way. Our range is massive, with parts that have been hand selected from junk vehicles for their quality and good condition. We don’t forget to give them a good testing before adding them to our inventory either. Anyone looking for the perfect replacement part will have all their prayers answered by our huge selection.

We may not be able to boast such success if it weren’t for our dedication to providing free removal to everyone who sells to us. It is of the most importance to us. That every one of our customers looks back on the experience of selling to us. And remembers the sheer level of convenience that they receive. One way that achieves this result every time is to not only remove the car personally. Using our own equipment, but to take on the costs ourselves.

Free removal doesn’t merely result in higher levels of convenience. It means that the person selling the vehicle to us gets the most money out of the deal. Hidden charges such as removal costs will only work to eat into the cash payment that we make.

Why do the people of Auckland insist of choosing us, time and time again, to sell their old and permanently broken down cars to? Is it because we pay more cash for cars than anyone else in Auckland is prepared to do? After all, who else is willing to pay a maximum of $12’000 for vehicles depending on what condition they are in? Our competitors sure can’t boast such high maximum cash payments.

The fact that we pay so much for cars could be because we use such a perfect process for deciding how much a car is worth. The make, model, age and condition are all considered before we arrive at a final price offer. You can’t get much more objective, fair and accurate while retaining the edge of generosity than that.

In conclusion, our dedication to making sure each customer gets the gold star treatment is most likely why this year has been such a booming year for business. We will put in the same hard yards next year and then some. And no doubt continue to dominate all the competition. You can’t ask for much more than that, but we can do more, and we will!

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